George Christakos

“I spent 20 years as a business executive; trapped into particular strategies, formulas and directions that modern marketing imposes. Yet, there had always been a way out of the sterilized business environment: my everlasting passion for art and especially photography! The collision was thus inevitable which led to reconsideration of my entire life style, hence the exit of the faceless world of business and my permanent occupation with photography.Rationalism -dominant element of my life during thοse years- has been replaced by a more emotional attitude and philosophical approach towards life, releasing in this way my imagination and endowing me with an absolute liberty to express myself.The following photo exhibitions are my contribution during this short journey into the world of art. A series of new work will be soon exposed catching different aspects of emotions in life.”

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2007 “Semaine de la Photo” Group Exhibition @ Espace des Arts – Paris, France

2010 “Dream Flow: Shadows in an Old City” Solo Exhibition @ Nafplio Art Gallery “Dream Flow: Mykonos Touch” Solo Exhibition @ Mykonos Art Gallery – Mykonos, Greece “Dream Flow” Solo Exhibition @ Aggelon Vima Gallery – Athens, Greece